Saturday, December 17, 2005

Richard Pryor To Be Cremated By Freebasing

San Fernando Valley, CA - Only days after the death of actor and comedian Richard Pryor, his family has announced their plans to cremate his body. In memory of one of the historic events in Pryor's life, he will be cremated by freebasing cocaine.

The decision to freebase Pryor's body came from his experience in 1980 when he was set on fire during an attempt to cook cocaine on his kitchen stove. According to Pryor's wife Jennifer Lee Pryor, this method of burial was chosen because of the enormous impact his accident had on his life and his legacy.

The cremation will be carried out on Saturday at nine AM PST. The body of Richard Pryor will be doused in cognac and propped up next to a kitchen stove with a pot of cocaine on the burner. After the body is ignited, it will be allowed to burn to ashes. The crack cocaine produced by the process will then be smoked by those attending the ceremony.

There are already plans for Pryor's ashes to write and star in a movie entitled Jo Jo Dancer, Your Ashes Are Calling.

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