Monday, July 25, 2011

Amy Winehouse's Corpse Celebrates 24 Hours Sober

LONDON, UK - Amy Winehouse, world-famous musician known more for her drug addiction than her music, was found dead in her home on Saturday at the age of 27. Today, the late Amy Winehouse's family and friends celebrated the fact that she has been sober for twenty-four hours straight since her death.

Born in 1983 in North London, Amy Winehouse was a celebrated singer and songwriter whose music was influenced by jazz, rock, funk, pop, and soul genres. She won five Grammy awards for her last album "Back in Black" in 2007. Winehouse was also acclaimed for refusing to fit the mold of female celebrities, sporting a black beehive hair-do, makeup that included heavy mascara, and plentiful tattoos. However, Winehouse's personal troubles quickly overtook her musical career. Rumors of drug binges gave way to photographs and videos of Winehouse intoxicated on alcohol and cocaine. Her performances became erratic with reports of her staggering on stage, unable to remember lyrics, and slurring her words. Winehouse was arrested multiple times for assault, and went through rehab three times, but would always fall back into her old ways. As yet, her cause of death has not been determined.

Despite their grief, Winehouse's relatives and acquaintances are praising the fact that she has been drug-free for twenty-four hours since her death. Ex-husband Blake Fielder-Civil spoke to Good Morning America with Amy Winehouse's body propped up next to him, saying, "This is the longest that Amy has been clean and sober since 2004. They always say the first twenty-four hours are the hardest, and she made it through. We all consider this a huge step towards her eventual recovery. If Amy keeps this up for another day, this will be her longest streak of sobriety in almost a decade."

While many have high hopes that Winehouse will be able to maintain her abstinence, there have been unconfirmed sightings of Winehouse's corpse partying at local pubs.

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