Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Report: Atkins Died of Mad Cow Disease

Originally posted on 2/14/2004 at the now defunct

NEW YORK - The Wall Street Journal released a report that claimed the famed diet guru Doctor Robert Atkins did not die of a head injury from slipping on ice, as originally claimed. Instead, the coroner's report showed that Atkins died of mad cow disease from consuming too much beef.

Some have criticized Atkins' diet advice that stresses protein-rich meat and cheese over carbohydrates. They especially focused on the sections which encouraged patients to eat whole cow brains and spinal columns. Atkins himself was known to consume fourteen cow brains a day and once said that he liked "the spongy ones" best.

Atkins' widow, Veronica Atkins, was outraged that the report had been made public and insisted it was not true. "The allegations by the press are completely false. The foaming at the mouth and uncontrolled mooing that my husband exhibited before his death is perfectly normal for a man his weight and age."

Supporters of Atkins' advice, mostly members of the meat and cheese industry, insist that the diet is safe. They continue to encourage the consumption of meat, cheese, and cow brains.

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