Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Hip-Hop Song Tells Women To Shake Their Booty

Hip-hop artist Dirty Dawg shocked the music industry with his new song, Bounce That Booty Up and Down. The song, which gives detailed instructions on how women should move their booty in order to attract and please men, is considered a radical new direction in hip-hop music.

In an interview with Psyche Magazine, Dirty Dawg explained the unique origins of the song. "I wrote Bounce That Booty because I've noticed there are many women who have booties, but don't know what to do with them. So I created this song to help them. It instructs them on how to move their booties to get a guy's attention. It hit me one night when I was at a club and I saw this fine girl shakin' her booty. I said to myself, more women need to do what she does."

Dirty Dawg is no stranger to innovation. He has already led a revolution with his previous hits, Smoke Marijuana, I Have Lots of Money, and Street Gangs Are Cool. Like his earlier hits, this new song breaks new ground in the hip-hop industry.

Club-goer Latisha Jackson is enthusiastic about the song. "I've always wondered how to get a guy's attention in the clubs. Now I know that I need to bounce my booty up and down, bounce it like a train that's goin' uptown. I've been following the instructions in the song, and Dirty Dawg is right. It really works."

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