Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Local Man Says World-Famous Millionaire Just A Regular Guy

According to Michael Dawson, an accountant and big fan of his action movies, world-famous actor and multimillionare Lance Rushing is "just a regular guy." Dawson came to this conclusion after a brief encounter with Rushing on his way out of a hotel.

Dawson met Rushing while he was walking down the street past the Saint Milton Hotel. According to Dawson, Rushing was heading out of the hotel to a limousine waiting at the curb. Rushing did not notice Dawson at first, because Rushing was busy chatting with the gorgeous supermodels he had under each arm. Dawson says he called out, "Hey, aren't you Lance Rushing?" Rushing reportedly replied "Yeah," then climbed into his limousine and drove away. Dawson was left impressed by Rushing's down-to-earth attitude.

"The way he said 'yeah,'" Dawson said, "was so friendly and warm. He could've said 'yes' or 'correct' or 'that's right,' but he didn't. He said 'yeah' the way me and my friends say 'yeah.' And the fact that he took the time to talk to a fan like me, that says a lot. He's not stuck-up like I thought he would be. I'm sure if he hadn't been on his way somewhere, he would've given me an autograph. Lance Rushing's a good guy."

Dawson plans to tell all his friends about the encounter, and watch all Lance Rushing's movies from now on.

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