Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Local Weatherman Looking Forward to Hurricane

CLEMENTINE, FL - Hurricane Ernest has been upgraded to a Category Two storm as it approaches the coast of Florida, packing 100mph winds. Forecasters fear the hurricane could gain even more strength before fully hitting land, and could cause billions of dollars in damage and possible loss of life. George Zimmerman, a weatherman on the local news television station KFXC in the town of Clementine, says he's looking forward to it.

"I don't usually have a lot to do around here," said Zimmerman. "They give me a few minutes at the beginning of the broadcast and five minutes at the end, but that's about it. Even then, it's the usual 'here's the day's weather, here's the week's forecast,' usual crap. But when there's a hurricane or other natural disaster, then KFXC becomes the Zimmer's house."

Zimmerman has already been scheduled to lead tonight's six o'clock newscast with a report on the hurricane's progress, followed by a follow-up segment where he is interviewed by the anchors on what causes hurricanes. Zimmerman is also planning a trip to the coast for a live broadcast from the beach. If the hurricane hits, Zimmerman is prepared to do hourly updates on the affected areas and even interview victims of the storm.

Despite his enthusiasm, Zimmerman is concerned that the hurricane could lose strength and become a tropical storm with far less impact. He says, "Last thing I want to do is do one of those stupid reports where I just talk about what could have been. Either that or just report on a bunch of trees blown over. That would be a real let-down."

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