Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Crayons Feature Colors Based on Caucasian Skin

SEDONA, AZ - Native American artist John Redhorse has created a new pack of crayons called Payola. The crayons are all named after Caucasian skin tones, a political response to the famous Crayola Crayon color, "Indian Red."

During the press conference announcing the crayons, John Redhorse said, "I wanted to create a political statement and also give little Native children something to enjoy. Not only are these crayons real crayons that are fun to play with, but they give the white devil some of his own medicine."

The Payola crayons feature colors with racially-insensitive Caucasian names such as Redneck Red, Pasty White, Frostbitten Blue, and Spray-On Tan Orange.


Maurice Mitchell said...

I would buy those in a minute.

Lydia Kang said...

Um, that's hilarious.

Maurice Mitchell said...

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