Friday, August 18, 2006

Ad Company Creates Parody Of "Got Milk"

SEATTLE, WA - In a shocking display of originality, the Leo Burnett ad agency will be promoting its clients' brand of legal documents with the slogan "got will?" The ad campaign is a satire of the famous "got milk" campaign by the National Dairy Promotion Board, and is already being praised by insiders as a bold new direction for the industry.

"I can't take all the credit," said advertising executive Barry Chanes in charge of the campaign. "When we won the contract for the Gilbert-Shaw brand of pre-made legal form kits, we knew we had to come up with something fresh and original. It took us months of brainstorming, statistical analysis, and focus-groups. Then one day, I saw one of the 'got milk' commercials, and a light bulb went off. What if, instead of 'got milk,' our ad said 'got will?' It took me a while to explain it to the others because it was such a new concept, but once they got it, we knew we had something big."

The "got will" advertisements will begin running in newspapers and magazines next month, and experts predict the satirical approach will score well with consumers. Chanes is pleased with the campaign, saying, "If it works, there might be other parodies of the 'got milk' ads. Maybe even on bumper stickers."

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