Thursday, November 23, 2006

Celebrity's Death Honored By Slow-Motion Stock Footage

According to his family, famed actor Charles Langley died in his sleep this morning. Langley, 62, was best known for his Oscar-winning roles in classic movies such as Heart of Stone and Ronald's Choice. In all, he performed in over four hundred movies, had a starring role in three hit television shows, and won ten Oscars throughout his career. In later years, he contributed millions to hunger relief programs, founded the Langley Cancer Research Institute. As an ambassador, he was known for bringing a new era of peace throughout the Middle East. To pay tribute to his achievements, an NBC news broadcast will be playing stock footage from one of his movies in slow-motion.

"It's the least we can do," said NBC News president Sarah Cole. "Langley was a great man with an enormous body of work. I'm sure his family takes comfort in the fact that we'll pay tribute to Langley by playing ten seconds from that old movie, Bridge To Eternity. If we have time, we may even play that shot of him smiling at the '98 Academy Awards. In slow motion, of course. Otherwise, it would just be stock footage."

Once the clip is played, the news anchor is scheduled to say, "He'll be missed," then move on to a story about roller-skating monkeys at the circus.

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