Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Big Bird Attacks Handler

SESAME STREET - Authorities say that the character known as Big Bird has violently mauled one of his handlers. The incident occured on Tuesday afternoon during the filming of an episode of the children's PBS television show Sesame Street, where Big Bird has been a loyal and beloved character for decades.

According to a cast member, Big Bird and co-star Bob McGrath were filming a segment about the letter "Q." At one point, McGrath turned to Big Bird and asked him to give a word that starts with "Q." The script called for Big Bird to say "quart." Instead, Big Bird grabbed McGrath by the ankle in his beak and dragged McGrath off-stage. Big Bird eventually released his grip and was caged by security guards, but not before McGrath suffered a broken leg and multiple contusions from pecking.

McGrath was hospitalized and his doctors say he remains in fair condition and good spirits. Big Bird is being kept away from others in a special holding pen while they try to determine if he will be able to perform again.
One of the original characters on the award-winning children's show, Big Bird has been a favorite among children and adults for decades with his child-like spirit and loveable nature. A spokesman for the Children’s Television Workshop said, "As one of our most beloved characters, we are still hoping Big Bird will be returned to Sesame Street, but the possibility that he may be put to sleep is not being ruled out."

This is considered the worst incident in children's entertainment since Barney the Dinosaur mauled three children in 1998.

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Mauricem said...

The best part was where you suffered injuries from "pecking".