Wednesday, January 03, 2007

New Animated Movie Doesn't Include Robin Williams

Furious Entertainment shocked the entertainment industry this week when it announced that the cast of its new computer-animated film Dust Bunnies will not include famous actor and comedian Robin Williams.

Robin Williams is a legendary actor and stand-up comedian best known for his starring role in the television series Mork and Mindy. In recent years, Williams has become more known for his eclectic voice work on numerous animated movies including Disney's Aladdin, Pixar's Robots, and bit parts in A.I.: Artificial Intelligence and Everyone's Hero.

In its press release for the upcoming movie Dust Bunnies, Furious Entertainment stated, "Our new film will feature the talents of stars like Mel Gibson, Katie Holmes, and Anne Hathaway as a group of loveable balls of dust living under a couch in a typical suburban home. However, our cast will not include Robin Williams."

The first reaction from Hollywood was disbelief. During an interview, Oscar-winning director Steven Spielberg said, "I don't understand it. An animated movie without Robin Williams? Is that possible? If there's no Robin Williams, then how can you have the crazy, goofy character in the movie?"

Williams' press agent expressed anger at the decision by Furious. "Robin Williams has an iron-clad contract that requires him to be in the cast of every animated feature produced in the United States from now until his death. As we speak, Mister Williams is doing voice work for three DreamWorks pictures, two Pixar productions, a TV series for Disney, and an animated commercial for Mister Clean floor wax. Mister Williams' attorney will be filing a lawsuit for breach of contract with Furious Entertainment."

Despite the controversy, Furious Entertainment is continuing with its plans to produce a Robin Williams-less movie. One insider at Furious who asked not to be named said their decision was based on the fact that some people think Williams is "kind of annoying."

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Mauricem said...

LOL. The best New Yuk Times articles are the ones that point out things you never notice, but you immediately realize are true. Another gem.