Monday, May 05, 2008

Hip-Hop Artist and Pop Singer Trade Childhood

LOS ANGELES, CA - In a landmark deal, hip-hop artist AK-47 and pop singer Ricky Knight have signed a deal to trade their childhoods to each other. AK-47, whose real name is Bartholomew Jones, grew up in an upper-class suburban neighborhood in Beverly Hills, California. Ricky Knight grew up in a lower-class ghetto in Detroit. AK-47 was a grade-A honor student and valedictorian. Knight joined a notorious street gang and was imprisoned for six years on drug charges. It is expected that the deal to exchange their childhood will greatly improve their images.

During the press conference announcing the deal, Knight's press agent explained, "Being a convicted drug dealer and gang member would seriously hurt Ricky's career in pop music. But it's perfect for a hip-hop star. Likewise, Mister Jones' clean-cut life would make him the butt of jokes in urban entertainment, but it's just the kind of history a teen heartthrob needs. We think it's a perfect fit."

The deal calls for the two singers to swap information for their official biographies. Ricky Knight will undergo cosmetic surgery to remove the scars from numerous bullet wounds, and Jones will have surgery to add the scars to himself. The deal also allows for the purchase of their childhood homes and provides five thousand dollars to each of the singers' former friends, families, and teachers to attribute their memories to each other.

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